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Welcome to Kenai Central High School. Listed below are the 2020-2021 athletic activities that KCHS offers. Below you will find the practice start dates, participation fees and the head coach of each sport. Please feel free to call the school at 283-2104 if you would like more information.

Fall Sports Physicals will take place on July 25th beginning in the KCHS commons at 1:00pm.
Schedule as Follows:

1:00-2:00 Football physicals
2:00-2:30 Volleyball physicals
2:30-3:00 Cross Country Running and Swim physicals

Fall Sports meetings will take place on July 27th in the KCHS Auditorium beginning at 6:00pm. Football, Volleyball, Swim & Dive, Cross-Country Running and Fall Cheer will be having individual meetings after the meeting taking place in the auditorium.

Activity                              Starting Date                   Fee Amount              Head Coach

  1. Football                          July 29                              $150                                  Dustin Akana
  2. Cross Country              July 29                               $100                                  Bailey Beeson
  3. Fall Cheer                     July 29                               $100                                  Brianna Force
  4. Volleyball                     August 5th                        $150                                   Tracie Beck
  5. Swim & Dive                August 5th                        $150                                   Open
  6. Wrestling                     Sept 30th                           $150                                   Stan Steffensen
  7. Hockey                          October 14th                    $150                                   Scott Sheldon
  8. Nordic Ski                    October 28th                    $150                                   Bradford Nyquist
  9. Winter Cheer               December 2nd                  $100                                  Brianna Force
  10. Boys Basketball           December 2nd                  $150                                  Ken Felchle
  11. Girls Basketball          December 2nd                   $150                                  Jeff Swick
  12. Track & Field              March 8th                          $100                                  Jesse Settlemyer
  13. Boys Soccer                 March 8th                          $150                                  Shane Lopez
  14. Girls Soccer                 March 8th                          $150                                  Dan Verkuilen
  15. Baseball                        March 8th                          $150                                  Luke Oliver
  16. Softball                         March 8th                          $150                                  John Manley
  • Each activity requires a participation fee. Participation fees are used to help fund travel and help with various other program costs. The amount varies by sport with the minimum being $100 and the maximum being $150. There is a $500 annual family limit at the high school level.
  • Participation fee’s can be paid in person at the KCHS Office as well as through Power School.

Academic Eligibility: KCHS prioritizes academic success. To maintain athletic eligibility students must have a passing grade in all their classes while also maintaining a 2.0 grade point average.

Academic Progress: ASAA requires that all students have passing grades in five (5) semester units of credit to participate in the next semester. Seniors who are on track to graduate must take at least four (4) semester units of credit or the equivalent to be eligible. Other seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) semester units
of credit or the equivalent to be eligible. In addition, all students must maintain at least an overall 2.0 grade point average (GPA) during the current semester to remain eligible.

E-checks:  Must be passing all classes and have a 2.0 GPA or higher

Students determined to be ineligible at the mid-quarter check will begin their ineligibility on the first school day following the grade check until the next eligibility check. Students may regain their eligibility after seven calendar days if they meet the 2.0 GPA and are passing all their classes within the next five school days. Otherwise, they remain ineligible until the next eligibility check

Quarter grades:  Must be passing all classes and have a 2.0 GPA or higher

At the end of the quarter, eligibility determination will be made on the first Wednesday of the new quarter. For second semester, the eligibility determination will be made the first Wednesday following the grade check.

2019/2020                 Eligibility Dates:
September 23, 2019     E1
October 18, 2019          Q1 (end of 1st quarter)
November 18, 2019     E2
December 20, 2019     Q2/S1 (end of 1st semester)
February 3, 2020         E3
March 9, 2020             Q3 (end of 3rd quarter)
April 13, 2020              E4
May 20, 2020              Q4/S2 (end of 2nd semester and school year)

Attendance: It is a KCHS expectation that athletes attend all their classes in order to participate in extra-curricular activities.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Handbook states: “In order to participate in a school-sponsored activity (including practice), students must attend all classes on the day of the school activity or on the last regular day of the week for weekend activities unless otherwise excused by the school.”

Arbiter Athlete & Physicals:

  • Athletes must have a physical on file before they can practice!
  • Both Parents and Athletes must have separate accounts on Arbiter Athlete recognizing and completing the following forms: Planet HS
  1. Athletic/Activity Pre-Participation Registration
  2. Parent Guardian Consents
  3. ASAA’s Play of Keeps Acknowledgment
  4. Physical Evaluation Form
  5. Concussion Information Form
  6. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form

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