Welcome to Kenai Central High School


Welcome to Kenai Central High School, home of the Kardinals.

Currently our World, Nation, and Community are being challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Staff and students are adjusting the way they instruct and learn.  Because Kenai Central High School places such a high priority on relationships, we are committed to getting through this trying time together while continuing to provide a quality education for our students.

To assist students and parents in navigating these trying times, we have assembled a quick reference for students to access their teacher’s instructional platforms and email contacts.

If you have questions about any of the links below, please email the teacher of record.  We have an amazing school with a very supportive community and we look forward to sharing this challenging yet promising journey with all of you.

Briana Randle, Principal

Kenai Central High School

Mr. Armstrong Canvas
Mrs. Beeson Google Classroom
Mrs. Bergholtz Canvas
Mrs. Brankel Canvas
Mrs. Calvert Canvas
Mrs. Crawford Google Classroom
Mrs. Davis Canvas
Ms. Fazio Canvas
Ms.Gann/Ms. Brown KCHS Library Website
Ms. Gilson Canvas

Google Drive

Mr. Hartman Canvas
Ms. Herring Canvas

Google Drive

Ms. James Canvas
Mrs. Kurka Distance Learning
Mr. Lopez Canvas
Ms. Mann Canvas
Mrs. McCullough Canvas
Mr. Morton Canvas
Mr. Moss Canvas

Google Drive

Ms. Newberry Google Classroom
Mrs. Nill Canvas
Mr. Nissen Canvas
Mr. Nyquist Canvas

Grad Point

Mr. Peek Canvas

Grad Point

Mr. Reid Canvas
Mr. Riddall Canvas
Mr. Settlemyer Canvas
Mrs. Sims Canvas
Mrs. Smith Google Classroom
Mrs. Sounart Canvas
Ms. Trower Canvas


Mr. Calvert Canvas

Principal: Briana Randle

Assistant Principal: Will Chervenak

Secretary: Lisa Gabriel

Registrar:  Jessica Wilcox

9583 Kenai Spur Highway
Kenai, AK 99611
School Phone: (907) 283-2100
School Fax/Records Requests: (907) 283-3230



Regular Schedule

7:35                      Warning Bell
7:40-8:29            1st Period
8:34-9:21            2nd Period
9:21-9:31             BREAK
9:31-10:18           3rd Period
10:23-11:10         4th Period
11:15-12:02         5th Period
12:02-12:32        LUNCH
12:37-1:24          6 th Period
1:29-2:16            7th Period

Activity Schedule

7:35                     Warning Bell
7:40-8:23           1st Period
8:28-9:11            2nd Period
9:16-9:59            3rd Period
10:04-10:47       4th Period
10:52-11:35        5th Period
11:35-12:05        LUNCH
12:10-12:53        6th Period
12:58-1:41          7th Period
1:41-2:16            ACTIVITY

Early Release Schedule

7:35                     Warning Bell
7:40-8:15            1st Period
8:20-8:55           2nd Period
9:00-9:35           3rd Period
9:40-10:15         4th Period
10:20-10:55       5th Period
10:55-11:25        LUNCH
11:30-12:05        6th Period
12:10-12:45        7th Period
12:45                   EarlyDismissal

Two Hour Delay Schedule

9:40                        First Bell
9:45-10:11              First Hour
10:16-10:47           Second Hour
10:52-11:23           Third Hour
11:28-11:59            Fourth Hour
12:04-12:35           Fifth Hour
12:35-104              LUNCH
1:09-1:40               Sixth Hour
1:45-2:16               Seventh Hour



  New Colored Tuffy 9-07